Wendy Fell – GYM Dodgers


    Hi, my name is Wendy, I am 50 years old and live in Banbury. I started my career in Hairdressing as I have always had an interest in people. I have been into health and fitness all my life and after 25 years I decided to turn my hobby into my career and became a fitness instructor.


    I started in a ladies only gym which was a 30 minute circuit workout using air resistance machines, this gave me the insight into a market that serviced a specific type of clientelle needing more support than could be offered at the gym. After several years I outgrew the limitations of a circuit style gym and realised that a combination of diet and exercise was the way forward. Whilst running classes at a mix gym, I implemented a ladies only area which included a one to one personal service for the clients, I also did further studying on nutrition and knew I had found my niche.


    During this time the Rosemary Conley franchise was popping up in conversation with family and friends. The gym has been an eye opening experience into the gap in the market for people who feel intimidated by such an environment. I knew I could give those people one to one support and care. In June 2013 my husband and I attended an open day at the Rosemary Conley head office, from that moment on I’ve never looked back. The training was very hard and intense and of a very high standard, but I would have expected nothing less. I launched in January 2014 and I was bursting at the seams with excitement, motivation and knowledge, however Rosemarys' business went into administration in Feb 2014 and was folded in April 2014.


    From the embryonic ashes of my Rosemary Conley Franchise I realised that my way forward was GYM Dodgers, so my husband and I set up a new company where the ethos was to give every person the tools to start on their own personal journey of improving their lifestyle and confidence.


   The classes that we run cover all ages. all levels of fitness and most importantly all shapes and sizes, it is always ou aim to make my members as comfortable as possible when first entering a class. I know that this can be an extremely difficult thing for people to do. 


Please feel free to call me for an informal chat or leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. This could be the first step to changing your life and I would love to be the one holding you hand through the highs and lows.