This is an 8-week online course into the journey of prei-menopause, menopause and beyond.

Over the coming 8 weeks you will receive a detailed vlog with slides. Once a week we will cover a different area of menopause that will really help educate you with what is going on. We will help get you in tune with your body and see this time as an adventure rather than a struggle.

How you will be supported – Each vlog will be uploaded and available every Monday, over the course of that week we will use the closed facebook group to discuss what you have learnt and your chance to ask any questions you may have. The closed face book group is there for you to open with each other and feel fully supported by myself and Debbie (Our pelvic health specialist)

During the coming weeks we will look into bone health, mental wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, pelvic health, hormones and stress.

Menopause is not a disease, everything we eat, every thought that we have and every move that we make has an impact on our symptoms. Listed below are the 8 subjects we will be covering, this will give you a comprehensive tool box of information, including recipes, exercise videos and a relaxation technique.

Week 1 - Is it me or is it my hormones.

Week 1 - Is it me or is it my hormones.

How to balance your hormones for a healthy menopause.

Week 2 - Stress.

What it is and how to manage it.

Week 3 - Lifestyle shifts.

Getting the balance right for this new chapter.

Week 4 - Bone Health.

From posture and how to improve it, to oesteoporosis, our bones don't need to crumble.

Week 5 - Smart fitness and wellness for menopause.

What's the best exercise, what's to be avoided and the whys.

Week 6 - Optimal nutrition for this life stage.

Eliminating food sensitivities, improving gut health and what to eat and why?

Week 7 - Pelvic health

Week 7 - Pelvic health.

How to prevent stress Incontinence and avoid prolapse

How to prevent stress Incontinence and avoid prolapse.

Week 8 - Life laundry.

Week 8 - Life laundry.

Appling tools to help and prepare you to empower this next life stage and what to cut free from.

This course will give you confidence, knowledge and practical steps that you can use from week 1


This course will start on Monday September 10th, finishes 3rd November 2018

£80 for the 8 week course and facebook support

Early Bird offer of £75 through month of August 2018

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In Full via Bank Transfer


Installaments payments - £20 for 4 weeks via Bank Transfer

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