me and coaching

My name is Wendy Fell and I have been in the fitness and wellbeing industry for nearly 20 years.

Having worked in the gym environment for many years, I decided to step out on my own and in 2014 Gym Dodgers was born.

I run classes for all abilities and work on making healthy lifestyle changes, no quick fixes with me.

I have trained all shapes and sizes in my time, but regardless of this, one aspect always appeared to hold people back from the goals, a lack of confidence.

I have spent many hours listening to people tell me what they don’t want “I don’t want to be fat anymore” “I don’t want to feel out of control with my eating anymore” “I hate my body”

I felt it was time to start helping people focus on what they do want instead.

Tapping into not just what they want, but what they really, really want!

Health is my passion and I have always believed what we eat has a massive impact on our mood. I have stood before many members, given out dietary advice, but rarely is it followed.


Why was this happening?


Lack of self-belief that they could turn their life around and make the changes was often the answer, it all seemed too big a task.

I knew I had to follow a path that would empower people to take action and be responsible for the way forward in their lives. Not just to live life, but to love it!

I went on a two-day coaching event in London with The Coaching Academy and I never looked back.


I had a full year of very intense training, but knew I was with the best.


I have such a passion for helping others, the beauty of coaching is it all comes from inside you, you have all the answers. When lights start coming on and belief is changed for the better, coaching truly is the best job in the world.